Why are fish so smart? Because they live in schools!

home-business-group-networkingThis cute phrase reminds us that there is power in numbers. That is why it is important to create a community of people for support and advice in growing your home based business. With the right group of people around you it is easy to pool ideas and share experiences. This will help you:

  • Create a plan
  • Take action
  • Review results
  • Adjust the plan for improvements.

When you work as part of a group that is networking for ideas it helps you brain-storm to develop a list of what is working best for everyone so that you can copy what is working.

Or even more importantly sometimes is to find out what didn’t work so that you can learn from others’ mistakes to avoid the same set backs. These ideas are molded into steps to create your action plan.

The people who have the most success and happiness with their home businesses are those who find a product or service that they can be passionate about. If you start something simply because you think it might make money but don’t believe in the product you are sure to fail.

If you are part of a group that shares your passion then it is a source of motivation and inspiration. Enthusiasm is contagious but so is negativity. If you find someone in the group is always being negative and bringing everyone down cut them loose from the group so that they can go find something else to be passionate about or ruin the mood and kill the motivation of someone else. Once those bad apples are gone the rest of the group can take action on the plan.

Following the success and enthusiasm of others in your group can not only group the culture but build momentum for everyone that is participating. Remember, all boats rise with the tide. So be sure to follow success to build your momentum and it will automatically carry your group along with it. However, when you find that something isn’t working you should immediately regroup and adjust the plan based on the current results. These adjustments on a regular basis are what will mold your plan into the perfect blue-print for success.

To strengthen the group be sure to publicly acknowledge those who are doing well. This will help them do even better while motivating others to follow their example more closely.

A note in a bottle can cross entire oceans on the momentum of the waves.


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